James and Eleanor Avery

James and Eleanor Avery are a collaborative husband-and-wife duo based between Brisbane, London, and Europe. They have worked collaboratively on large-scale and installation projects since 2004. For the Averys, every artwork is an intervention within space, driven by their architectural interests that span antiquity to modernity. Their sculptural forms appear like hybrids between the natural and the manmade. Each site begins with research into an historical site or event, reinterpreted with contemporary references. Their slickly executed and highly finished work conjures up the replicated and the real. Their range of materials and techniques are broad and include computer engineering software and industrial and handcraft methods. Ephemerality of inspiration is contrasted with hard-edged high finish, both disarmed by conceptual depth and witty references.


The Averys have exhibited nationally and internationally, and are well known for their distinctive public art projects. With CREATIVEMOVE, they developed Steam Machine (2017) for Fish Lane, South Brisbane (commissioned by ARIA Property Group). Its shiny blue forms refer to the Brisbane Steam Laundry, located in Fish Lane (1881–1902).


Other public artworks by the Averys may be seen at The Star Casino (Sydney), Tree on Wynnum Road at Cannon Hill (Brisbane), and the Ryde Garden development (Sydney). Their studio work has been collected by Moreton Bay Regional Collection (Brisbane), Artbank (Sydney), the Nomas Foundation (Rome), and The Hotel Urban collection (Brisbane). In 2014, they won the Moreton Bay Art Award with The Royal Oak.

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James and Eleanor Avery work collaboratively and their sculptural forms appear like a hybrid between the natural and the manmade.