Kylie Bickle
  • Kylie Bickle, Efflorescence, 2016. Photo: Mick Richards.

Kylie Bickle is an artist and designer, and these two professional worlds often meet in her work. She completed a Bachelor of Built Environment, Interior Design at QUT, Brisbane (1990), and has worked in the field of public furniture design and integration and public art for over 20 years.

Bickle developed a series called Code which uses a system of flexible interconnecting shapes that can be sequenced into simple linear arrangements or highly complex three-dimensional networks. She is intrigued by the challenge of transforming different flat materials into three dimensions. With CREATIVEMOVE, Bickle was commissioned to develop an art strategy and artwork for Soda Apartments in Fish Lane (Brisbane) using Code. Bickle created Efflorescence, an artwork that responded to CREATIVEMOVE’s curatorial rationale for the project. Titled Rise, this rationale draws on the layered history of Fish Lane which was originally known as Soda Water Lane. An early occupant was the Eodone Aerated Water Company (from the 1870s until 1905).

Efflorescence conjures the effervescence of soda water and the cubic crystal structure of sodium chloride (i.e., common salt). Dispersed across the wall surface, this artwork mimics an efflorescent bloom. Efflorescence, meaning ‘to flower out’ in French, is the migration of a dissolved salt through a porous material where the liquid evaporates and leaves a film of crystalised salt.

Complimenting her large scale public realm work is a studio based art practice where material, form, texture and pattern is explored, free from constraint. The work shown in the ‘Torque and Crease’ exhibition at Onespace gallery demonstrates how ideas and processes are investigated, applied and transformed with changes in scale, material and application. 

‘Fold’ has many permutations of meaning. A crease is not required – a bend is sufficient. A valley within hills may be a fold, so may an embrace, or a refuge, but the word is suggestive of community or connection. 

Paper is the humblest of materials, but endlessly adaptable. It offers a meditative exploration of shape, materiality, and ingenuity. Folds are the imprint of touch on paper although, as Bickle notes:

“This body of work does not have a single crease. It is gently coerced into its form instead of traditionally folded. In my work I utilise paper to explore concepts where material torsion and tension are key. Then, according to the application of the work I experiment with alternative materials…. I love the challenge of transforming different flat materials into three dimensions.” 

Bickle’s commissions include four exterior streetscape ranges manufactured and distributed by UAP, and commercial lighting and screen elements with Luxxbox. Other notable commissions include integrated furniture for the Hamilton Northshore Parkland, and sculptural shelters located throughout the Pilbara (WA) region.

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