Ross Byers
  • Ross Byers, Furtherance, 2015
  • Ross Byers, Tilt and Transit, 2013
  • Ross Byers, Mnemonics #1, 2014
  • Ross Byers, Transit Exhibition - (left to right) Network, Lay - Ode to Rachel Whiteread, Ebb and Tilt, 2013
  • Ross Byers, Fraction, 2015

Ross Byers is an Australian artist best known for his enchanting and visually robust sculptural cardboard forms derived from mapping memory processes and various permutations of memory which have now become a constant subtext in his work. He completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at the School of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston, in 2002. During that time he also undertook a student exchange at the University of Hawaii Campus in Honolulu. In 2006 Byers completed a Master of Fine Arts and Design at the School of Visual and Performing Arts, University of Tasmania, Launceston. From late 2010 until 2012, Byers undertook a residency in Glasgow in the United Kingdom. Byers has been included in several group exhibitions in Australia and internationally, and has undertaken five solo exhibitions. Byers has completed commissions for public sculptures and conducted workshops in Australia and overseas. In 2015 he completed an arts@work ‘AIR’ (Artist in Residence) program at Hellyer College, Burnie and most recently he presented his latest individual exhibition, Mapping the Quiet Mind, at White Canvas Gallery in Brisbane.

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In more recent work, “Byers (has) shifted into using wood for some of his sculptures. The use of wood suggests permanence and durability. In Furtherance the form is constructed from plywood slats which create a strong and robust infrastructure, suitable for attaching memories”.

Jess Panday, 2015