Sebastian Moody
  • Sebastian Moody and Markwell Presents, Younger than a Millionaire, (Writing on the Walls project) 2012, public digital projection, Queensland Performing Arts Complex, 10.00 mins. Photo: Sean Young.
  • Sebastian Moody, Think bigger, 2009, synthetic polymer paint on concrete. Photo: Sam Scoufos.
  • Sebastian Moody, When life stops being life and becomes meaning, 2011, adhesive vinyl. Photo: Carl Warner.
  • Sebastian Moody, Built under the sun, 2002, synthetic polymer paint, 2.5 x 27 metres. Photo: courtesy of the artist.
  • Sebastian Moody, Keep the Sunshine, 2014. Perspex. aluminium, LED lights. 3 metres x 27.5 metres. Photo: CREATIVEMOVE

Sebastian Moody’s artworks draw on words in their presentation and aesthetic. His use of ambiguity and multiple meanings prompt the viewer to consider both what we think and why. Born in Sydney in 1979, Moody currently lives and works in Brisbane where he completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at QUT (2001) and a Master of Museum Studies at The University of Queensland (2009).

Moody has been creating artworks in the public realm since 2002. His KEEP THE SUNSHINE (2015) farewells departing travellers from Brisbane International Airport and THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT THE BIGGER IT GETS (2009) defines a tunnel in McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley. His artworks have also appeared in swimming pools, personal advertisements, kitchen splashbacks, coffee cup ‘interventions’, on hang gliders, and as shopping receipt ‘portraits’. His intention is to provide opportunities for philosophical contemplation in busy urban environments. These commissioned works respond to their physical context and are sufficiently memorable to stay with the viewer. Text is concise and digestible given that the artwork may be experienced rapidly (from a moving car) and/or repetitively.

The way that Moody constructs his art differs depending on its media. What unites his oeuvre is an interest in meaning, how this may shift between concept and delivery, and the ways this may change at every viewing. As individuals, what we see and understand is inherently slippery: our perception of an image, a situation or a concept is dependent on our experiences, mood, time of day, culture and habit.

Moody’s projects have appeared at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (Brisbane), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), Ryan Renshaw Gallery (Brisbane), Splendour in the Grass (Byron Bay, NSW), Next Wave Festival 2008 (Melbourne), Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts (Melbourne), Bundaberg Arts Centre (Queensland), Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane), Livid Festival, Kings ARI (Melbourne), Museum of Brisbane, The Goodwill Bridge (Brisbane), Queensland University of Technology Art Museum and Southbank Parklands (both Brisbane).

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Sebastian Moody’s public art commissions are handled exclusively through CREATIVEMOVE.


Sebastian Moody is represented by Onespace Gallery.