A complementary CODE

During 2016, CREATIVEMOVE was excited to work with GDL Group and Hutchinson Builders to develop an art strategy and deliver an artwork for Soda Apartments, a new addition to Fish Lane in South Brisbane.

Designer Kylie Bickle was invited to develop an artwork based on her original concept called CODE, a system of flexible interconnecting shapes that can be sequenced into simple linear arrangements or highly complex three-dimensional networks.

Her resulting artwork, Efflorescence, responded to CREATIVEMOVE’s curatorial rationale for the project entitled rise, which drew upon the layered history of the location. Fish Lane was originally known as Soda Water Lane because one of its first occupants was the Eodone Aerated Water Company, which was housed there from the 1870s until 1905.

Efflorescence references the effervescence of soda water and the cubic crystal structure of sodium chloride (i.e., common salt). Dispersed across the wall surface, this artwork mimics an efflorescent bloom. Efflorescence, meaning ‘to flower out’ in French, is the migration of a dissolved salt through a porous material where the liquid evaporates and leaves a film of crystalised salt. This process is often observed on construction materials, such as brick and concrete.

This artwork was procured by GDL Group in consultation with CREATIVEMOVE for the Brisbane City Council Percent for Art Contribution Scheme, and helps to deliver Council’s vision for a vibrant and creative city.

Kylie and CREATIVEMOVE would like to thank Mike Mooney and the Stainless Aesthetics team; Brianna Scott from GDL Group; Greg Crittall and Matthew Williams from Hutchinson Builders; Josh Abel from Studio Abel; Damien O’Mara of DCO Consulting; Daniel Templeman from Brisbane City Council; and Mick Richards Photography.


Kylie Bickle, Efflorescence, 2016. Photo: Mick Richards. Kylie Bickle, Efflorescence, 2016. Photo: Mick Richards. Kylie Bickle, Efflorescence, 2016. Photo: Mick Richards.