Carly Scoufos opens on the Darling Downs and West End

John Mullins Memorial Art Gallery, Dogwood Crossing, Miles: Chapters from the Interlaced Manuscript (6 December 2013 – 21 January 2014)

Dogwood Crossing, Miles is an innovative centre focused on community, creativity and inspiration, which has become the cultural heart of the district. Carly Scoufos was born and raised on the Darling Downs and here she presents an exhibition of life-sized sculptures and accompanying video works which explore her personal histories and responses to place. Sites responded to include her childhood property outside of Jandowae and the Miles Historical Village. Carly uses visual repetition to engage the viewer on a sensory level. Her artworks focus on bridging elements of the mechanistic and industrial to the organic and natural patterns of growth and decay. This project and exhibition has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its art funding and advisory body.

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The Hold Artspace – A River Without Banks: Expanded Drawing (5-14 December 2013)

Carly’s work also featured in a group exhibition presented by The Hold at West End in Brisbane. Curated by Kylie Spear, A River Without Banks: Expanded Drawing, featured: Carly Scoufos; Tom Brooks; Christopher Handran; Charlie Hillhouse; Luke Kidd; and Tachika Yokota. A River Without Banks was a contemporary drawing exhibition that focused on the philosophical and conceptual possibilities of the medium, using new media, interactive works and installation to challenge and extend how drawing can be considered. The curator suggests that “the drawn line can be seen as a tool for both connection and division; it can link disparate concepts, locations and narratives in complex webs or create boundaries between them. The line acts as a record of our existence within a specific time and place, inscribing our gestures with a sense of immediacy and intimacy”.

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Delivering a Line: Summer Landscape (work in progress), 2013. Digital Video. Image courtesy of the artist. Carly Scoufos. Chapter 1. The Old Homestead, 2013, Photo: Sam Scoufos.