Crabs Make Landfall in Cairns

In 2016, Brian Robinson’s patterned and colourful crabs, Malu Githalayl, adorned the façade of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco as part of the exhibition, Australia: Defending the Oceans at the Heart of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art. In May this year he brought the crabs home to Cairns for their first Australian showing, where they are currently on display in Martin Munro Parklands. Malu Githalayl comprises three sculptures, each four metres wide and built from honeycomb aluminium. They are currently suspended from vines and arbours in the parklands where they will be on display until September (through Robinson’s loan to the Cairns Regional Council).

Mayor Bob Manning said, “Art should excite and inspire us and these pieces that have literally ‘popped up’ in the parklands are a perfect example of that”. Brian Robinson is known to Cairns audiences through his Woven Fish (Cairns Lagoon) and his most recent and monumental Citizens Gateway sculpture on the Esplanade. Our sincere thanks to TILT Industrial Design for the design development and fabrication of these amazing sculptures and to Chris Stannard of Cairns Regional Council for liaison about their installation.


Brian Robinson, Malu Githalayl, 2016. Installed in 2019. Photo: Courtesy of Cairns Regional Council.