Craig Walsh: Embedded opens at the MCA in Sydney

CREATIVEMOVE is excited to announce the recent launch of an important new exhibition by Craig Walsh at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia entitled Craig Walsh: Embedded.  The exhibition, which runs from 12 September to 24 November 2013, is a collaborative project by Craig Walsh with Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, Mueum of Contemporary Art Asustralia and Rio Tinto.

In June 2012 Australian artist Craig Walsh travelled to the Pilbara in Australia’s north-west to undertake an art project in collaboration with the traditional custodians of the Burrup Peninsula, represented by the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Rio Tinto commissioned the artist to explore the unique rock art of the Burrup Peninsula and realise new work from the experience.

Craig Walsh is renowned for his site-responsive artworks that are developed collaboratively in locations with the people who inhabit them. Using digital video, projection and sound, his works incorporate stories and perspectives that reflect the concerns of the specific community, yet resonate much more broadly. The result is 21st century portraits representing aspects of cultural histories and perspectives expressed by individuals intrinsically connected to the country.

His practice involves a period of extensive research — in the Pilbara Walsh undertook a four week residency working with members of the Circle of Elders of Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, exploring the traditional owners’ relationship to the unique engravings and landscape of this important cultural site, and together they sought ways to articulate these connections through contemporary artwork. The artist says:

This work evolves from a sustained engagement with the Australian landscape and the individuals and communities who inhabit it. Over the last 24 months, I have had the opportunity to immerse my practice in regional Australia, developing and presenting projects that express a sense of place whilst surveying the influence environment has on the individual and the collective condition. The works emerges from the formal possibilities attainable through the use of digital projection in public sites whilst affording the opportunity for individuals to express themselves through landscape. The fusion of projected portraits and the inherent textures of an existing environment demand contemplation as to how these two sources relate.

Discussing Walsh’s Standing stone site (2012), which comprises a wide-screen digital video depicting nature’s shifting light on a significant sacred site – co-Curator Judith Blackall comments:

The physical profile of the horizon remains fixed and monumental, unmoved as it has been for thousands of years, while the spectacular transformation of colour from deep purple to orange red is rendered visible through a technique of high-resolution interval photography.

Craig Walsh: Embedded is organised in partnership with the Institute of Modern Art and co-curated by Judith Blackall and Robert Leonard (Director of the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane). The MCA Australia and IMA Brisbane are preparing a major new monograph on Craig Walsh’s practice which will be available later this year.  Richly illustrated, the publication features essays by Michael Fitzgerald, Robert Leonard, Judith Blackall and an interview with the artist by Annemarie Kohn.  For more information visit



Craig Walsh, In Country – Lawrence Kerr 2012, type C photograph, image courtesy the artist and Lawrence Kerr © the artist