Quandamooka homeland gateway recognised by Megan Cope artworks

The Quandamooka Festival 2016 closed on Saturday 17 September, but Megan Cope’s two temporary public artworks derived from her work Twice Removed – Quandamooka (2014) were launched as part of the Festival’s closing kunjiel (corroboree). The two site-specific versions of this artwork now appear on the Middle Street elevation adjacent to the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland and on the Harold Walker Jetty, Dunwich (until March 2017). Redland City Acting Mayor Wendy Boglary noted the appropriate location of these works, particularly in Dunwich, “the gateway to the homeland of the Quandamooka people”.

Twice Removed – Quandamooka relates physical changes to place, with the use of cartographic records of the Stradbroke and Redland City areas. It is also a reminder of the many sites of displacement of the traditional Aboriginal custodians of land in south-east Queensland, and environmental change to sea levels and country. However, the new digital print versions also link Stradbroke Island with the mainland but, most importantly, note new cultural initiatives such as the Quandamooka Festival and other changes under the auspices of the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC).

QYAC CEO Cameron Costello said, “This artwork includes water level rises to remind us that this history of survival and hardship exists in living memory today. We hope this initiative paves the way for more public art projects in the Redlands celebrating the culture, country and the people of Quandamooka.”

Megan Cope is of Quandamooka descent and is an artist whose particular focus is in the exploration of identities, environmental change and the nature of place, both in terms of its naming and what this means, and changing landforms. Mapping popular locations, Cope distributes traditional land titles to re-affirm Indigenous cultural heritage. She aims to inform the audience, to stimulate discussion and extend knowledge.

The Quandamooka Festival Temporary Public Art Project has been partnered by Creative Arts at Redland City Council. Megan Cope is represented by Spiro | Grace Art Rooms. The original artwork Twice Removed – Quandamooka (2014) is held in the collection of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Brisbane.

Louise Martin Chew for CREATIVEMOVE



CREATIVEMOVE is delighted to have helped deliver the inaugural Quandamooka Festival Temporary Public Art Project and we would like to especially thank Megan Cope and the many colleagues involved in this project: Cameron Costello, CEO and Paulette Dupuy, Lawyer at QYAC; Zane Trow, Manager Creative Arts at Redland, Stephanie Lindquist and Emma Bain, Co-Directors, Redland Art Gallery; Jenna Baldock, Curator / Gallery Manager, Spiro | Grace Art Rooms; Louise Martin Chew; Matt Horn from Flash Graphics; photographer Sam Scoufos; and Lynne Seear, Manager, Arts Program, Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital for a truly enjoyable collaboration.


Megan Cope, Twice Removed – Quandamooka, 2016, Digital Print on vinyl, Cleveland. Photo: CREATIVEMOVE Megan Cope, Twice Removed – Quandamooka, 2016, Digital Print on vinyl, Dunwich, Minjerribah. Photo: CREATIVEMOVE Megan Cope, Twice Removed – Quandamooka, 2016, Digital Print on vinyl, Dunwich, Minjerribah. Photo: CREATIVEMOVE