ANZAC Spirit Mural
  • Jodie Connolly, ANZAC Spirit Mural, 2015. Photo: Mick Richards
  • Jodie Connolly, ANZAC Spirit Mural, 2015. Photo: Mick Richards

CREATIVEMOVE was pleased to have curated and managed the installation of the ‘ANZAC Spirit’ mural designed by artist Jodie Connolly at Wavell State High School.  The mural spans a three-storey feature wall in the school’s new junior secondary building designed by Brisbane-based James Cubitt Architects.

Currently based in Mackay, North Queensland, Jodie is married to an ex-serviceman from New Zealand who served in tours of East Timor and Afghanistan. This experience, combined with Jodie’s research and unique graphic style, led her to design a mural that met the brief by depicting an historic trajectory from the ANZACs to contemporary servicemen and women.

In her artist’s statement about the ‘ANZAC Spirit’ mural, Jodie says:

The Wavell State High School ‘ANZAC Spirit’ mural endeavours to encapsulate the bravery and determination that our ANZAC troops have demonstrated since their inception. The mural consists of historical images ranging from World War 1 to the contemporary soldier from Afghanistan. Many poignant symbols used in the mural, such as the red poppy, the rising sun, and the silhouette of the soldier, are familiar to the public. Other key symbols, colours, and text have been used to represent the namesake of the school, Field Marshal Earl Wavell (1883–1950), and the relevant school houses, Keren, Alamein, Burma, and Tobruk, which were key battles that Wavell fought with ANZAC troops during World War 2.

The mural aims to serve as a powerful, uplifting reminder of the courageous actions undertaken by Australian soldiers during the past 100 years of the ANZAC and the battles led by Earl Wavell. Another key component of the mural is the continuing spirit of the ANZAC, represented by the contemporary soldier who is throwing poppies towards the rising sun. This figure evokes the pride of our current generation to show commitment to uphold the legacy and emotion embodied in the unfailing ANZAC spirit.

CREATIVEMOVE offers our sincere congratulations to Jodie Connolly and give special thanks to the following staff from Wavell State High School: Principal Jeffrey Major; Deputy Principal Christina Smeed; Business Manager Deb Deaves; Project Manager Mike Mahon; Art Teacher Liza Asmussen; and Wavell State High School students Charlotte Taylor, Izabelle Curran, Isabella Andrews, and Alainya Doyle. We would also like to especially thank President Gregory Peake, Kedron-Wavell Sub-Branch RSL; Cameron Mack and Travis Vinson, Graffiti Murals; Malcolm and Corinne Matthews, Innovative Sign Solutions for their contributions.