Curatorial Framework Report, Brisbane City
  • Hiromi Tango, Moon Jellies, 2014. Photo: Mick Richards

CREATIVEMOVE was recently engaged by the Brisbane City Council to prepare a Curatorial Framework Report to inform potential artwork commissions in the City. The purpose of this consultancy was to prepare a curatorial report comprising a curatorial framework, a public art strategy and examples of potential art types, models and mechanisms of art delivery. This report may also be considered for other parallel programs such as Council’s Percent for Art scheme for private developments.

The Curatorial Framework Report responds to the need for a unifying curatorial rationale and overarching vision to guide the delivery of high quality artwork and stimulating public art experiences in the City. The report builds on broader city planning and strategy work already undertaken by Council and addresses key policy themes for the City which include: emerging global city; the River as connector and identity; pathways, connections and arrival spaces; experiential and interactive; memorable experiences; stories of our past, present and future; and building on strengths and distinctiveness.

CREATIVEMOVE would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank our remarkable contributing collaborators on this project, Damian Thompson, Director, Lat27, and Louise Martin-Chew, Director, arthouse. We also greatly appreciate both internal and external stakeholders who have contributed to the report, i particular Council’s Urban Design Team (Planning & Sustainability Division).

Special thanks to Evie Franzidis (Evie’s Editing Services) and Liam Matthews (Liam Matthews Design) who contributed so much to the structure, text, design and layout of the final report.