Birds, Plants and Stars Resonate in Biota Street, Inala

CREATIVEMOVE worked with Mandy Ridley recently to develop an artwork, vibrant with pattern, colour and material culture to acknowledge the multi-cultural community that lives and works around the Village Precinct in Inala’s Biota Street. Her artwork, created as a pavement design that defines different quadrants in this precinct, features the birds, plants and constellations used, during the last 70 years, for local street names in the suburb.

Ridley said, “I have researched an array of visual languages that express cultural identity through motif and pattern. This rationale takes inspiration from the circular forms found in traditional forms such as the Buddhist Mandala or created as Rangoli patterning found in India. The design dissolving and breaking away suggests movement, both along the length of the site and in metaphorical terms, to evoke the fluidity and cohesion of the community over time.”

Ridley was chosen for this opportunity given her interest in using pattern and colour to explore points of resonance between people of different cultural experiences. Inala is a hub for people from backgrounds including Vietnamese, Samoan, Indian, Sri Lankan and Samoan and Ridley’s response draws on the traditional cultural practices from some of these areas.

The artwork was commissioned and installed by Brisbane City Council. CREATIVEMOVE and Mandy Ridley would like to thank Brisbane City Council, Inala Art Gallery and Myla Graphics.