Vibrant Laneways 2014
  • Paul Mumme, Slapstick, 2014. Photo: Angus Martin, image courtesy of Brisbane City Council
  • Tony Albert, Brothers, 2014. Photo: Angus Martin, image courtesy of Brisbane City Council
  • Martin Smith, Revelation #7, 2014. Photo: Angus Martin, image courtesy of Brisbane City Council

CREATIVEMOVE has been working closely with the Brisbane City Council’s (BCC’s) Urban Design Team to curate the latest suite of artists for the Council’s Vibrant Laneways Art Program. Through the inclusion of temporary artworks in four CBD laneways: Burnett Lane, Eagle Lane, Edison Lane and Hutton Lane, the program offers cultural experiences in the city. It seeks to attract both locals and visitors to explore forgotten laneways and contemporary artworks, encouraging revitalisation of these spaces, contributing to the vision of Brisbane as Australia’s New World City.

The program has seen artists including Reko Rennie, Ross Manning, Samuel Tupou and Reuben Paterson, profile their work to new audiences and create dialogue and interest in the fabric of Brisbane’s CBD. From 26 April 2014, these Laneways have been refreshed with the work of Paul Mumme in Hutton Lane, Tony Albert in Eagle Lane and Martin Smith in Edison Lane and with work by Lincoln Austin also on its way.

Drawing upon Louise Rollman’s rationale, The Past in the Present, CREATIVEMOVE’s artist selection for the Laneways Program recognises specific practices that characterise Brisbane’s strengths, positioning both experienced and emerging visual artists together, making transparent our inter-generational artistic legacies within the civic and cultural development of our city.  CREATIVEMOVE has curated artists into the program who continue Brisbane visual arts legacy of practice characterised by strengths in media and approach – most notably performance art activity and photographic practice.

The work depicted will remind us that we no longer ‘use’ a camera – we ‘conspire’ with it to make our own story/ies of the world and peddle them to others on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and  Instagram. These images engage with the inner-city urban fabric to generate a series of parallel and intersecting narratives, some serious and some amusing, but all derived from city and which question cultural norms through metaphor or allegory.

The Laneways Art Program, for the first time has seen the Brisbane City Council and CREATIVEMOVE participate in the Queensland Festival of Photography during the month of April, which was held throughout Queensland in numerous exhibition venues.  The launch of the Laneways also coincided with the Queensland Centre of Photography’s (QCP) nationally significant conference, Photography and Fictions, which presented both national and international keynote speakers, including Paul Mumme. Photography and Fictions was held from 23-26 April 2014 in Brisbane, Australia.

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“curated by CREATIVEMOVE this initiative joins a growing trend of investing in the creative fabric and fine grain of our cities …. (and) like all the nuances of a city that form its character, these artworks will speak for themselves and the community will no doubt embrace them into their daily lives. BCCs Laneway project is undeniably a great one.”

[Gina Fairley, ArtsHub, “Cool laneways are not just reserved for Melbourne” 21 May 2014]