Drifting rays move on Wellington Point

In February this year, CREATIVEMOVE was excited to see one of the first commissions of the Redland City Council’s Public Art Plan be installed in Wellington Point Village.

The artwork, DRIFT – Sand, Sea and Sky by North Queensland based artist Braham Stevens, is a sculptural installation of three elements that showcases the diverse marine ecology and bay environment of Wellington Point.

The stylised sculpture forms were modelled on marine rays that often frequent the shallow Moreton Bay waters between Wellington Point and North Stradbroke Island, the individual sculptures also feature striking perforated patterns found in the sand, sea & sky around Wellington Point‘.

The highly visible installation reflects the community’s aspirations that the work should announce arrival to visitors to the Wellington Point area and let them know that they are entering a bay area with a unique natural environment of marine and bird life.

CREATIVEMOVE would like to thank Braham Stevens and Redland City Council for their commitment to delivering this project.