Nunawading Community Hub

During 2020 CREATIVEMOVE was proud to work with Brian Robinson to deliver his incredible artwork Windswept: Aquila Audux  – a large scale suspended artwork which was commissioned by Whitehorse City Council for their recently completed Nunawading Community Hub.

Brian Robinson is of the Kala Lagaw Ya and Wuthathi language groups of the Torres Strait and is widely known for his printmaking and public sculptures in which he uses a variety of techniques to produce bold, innovative and distinctive works. 

For this project, Robinson sought approval of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation to tell the story of Bunjil the wedge-tailed eagle and the creator of the environment who, along with his family, were blown into the heavens where they became stars: Bunjil(Alpha Aquilae) and his two wives (Gamma Aquilae and Beta Aquilae).


Read Brian’s artist statement excerpt below:

Mythical tales explaining the origins of landforms and all manner of natural phenomena are part of the folklore of all peoples. Australia‘s First Nations peoples have ancestral Dreamtime myths about the beginnings of their part of the world. These stories are told through oral teachings and creative forms that lay down song-lines, crisscrossing the continent. These stories and song-lines have continued to teach generations of descendants, stretching back for tens of thousands of years, about the rhythm of life.

Creation is believed to be the work of cultural heroes who travelled across a formless land, making sacred sites along the way. They effectively layered the Australian continent with cultural nuance and deeper meaning.

For the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, Bunjil the wedge-tailed eagle is the creator of the environment. According to legend, after creating the mountains, rivers, flora, fauna, and laws for humans to live by, he gathered his family and asked Waa, the keeper of the winds, to let some wind out. Waa did so, creating a cyclone that uprooted trees. Bunjil asked for a stronger wind. Waa complied and Bunjil and his family were blown into the heavens where they became stars: Bunjil (Alpha Aquilae) and his two wives (Gamma Aquilae and Beta Aquilae).


CREATIVEMOVE would like to thank Brian Robinson, White Horse City Council, FJMT Studio, Bligh Tanner, stainlessaesthetics, Regan Crook Studio and Set Square Productions.